Round, Smoothwall Brewery Bins

Brewery Bins are designed to hold your dry malt products and also provide optimal cleanout. To help promote your business, your bin can feature your logo and a custom paint color. Call us Today Applications Malted Grains Standard Features Hopper man access door exterior ladder Footing Plates Swirl Ring Top Hat 20″ Top Plate 12″ […]

Round Smoothwall Custom

Custom round smoothwall bins are designed for your industrial processing or dry bulk material handling needs. FCS engineers work with you to understand silo design specifications and configure the bin to suit your plant application needs. Tread plate roof decks ensure good footing for maintenance personel, full perimeter OSHA standard perimeter handrail and self-closing gates, […]

Round Smoothwall Skirted

Skirted silos offer superior containment and control around the discharge of the silo. Keeping the elements out makes for a more controlled environment. Sizes range from 12′ diameter to 15′ diameter. Access to the discharge can be through single and double doors with a reinforce frame opening. Work platforms and other equipment supports can be […]

Multi-Compartment Bins

For storing multiple ingredients that feed a mixer or grinder, our Multi-Compartment bins can fit a variety of projects. Center discharge and offset hoppers can be configured to simplify installation of multiple parallel augers heading the same direction. Instead of spending weeks building on site, slowing down your operation; let FCS build your complete bin […]

Stainless Steel Bins

Using 304 Stainless Steel for your food grade needs, our stainless line of bins can be round or square and are available in a large range starting at 4′ diameter and going up. Interior food grade requirements are met with 120 grit grinding on the interior ensures complete cleanout and safe storage of your product. […]

Mass Flow Bins

Products that don’t flow easily can be a challenge to handle with conventional discharges. Instead of being first in, last out like conventional bins, Mass Flow Bins are a first in, first out style, meaning that product flows evenly down the bin and all particles have the same time in the bin. The steep cone […]