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Like all good stories, ours started in a farm machine shop. Jay Luthi, our founder and Vice-President, began building his first overhead cake bin in his dad’s shop during the late 1970s for a neighbor. What started out as a favor grew into a local fabrication business.

Today, FCS Mfg. (Farm and Commercial Storage Manufacturing Inc.) serves several industries including agriculture, industrial, and commercial.



While the past thirty years have seen rapid advancements in the agriculture industry, our outlook has remained the same. Providing the best product starts with the best service. Today, that focus on great service has seen our line-up of storage bins expand to include made-to-order, semi-loadout, and multiple compartments feed bins.


We design and build quality feed and seed storage bins for the Agriculture, Industrial, and Commercial markets.


We’re passionate about building and retaining great relationships that focus on high-caliber service and products.

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FCS has 4 main colors: FCS Tan, White, Light Gray and Abbey White.  FCS can paint any custom color, just send us a sample so we can color match.

FCS suggests using epoxy style anchors into your concrete foundation for the quickest and easiest way to securely anchor your bin.  Simply position the bin to the desired location on your foundation, use a hammer drill and bit 1/8” larger than your anchor bolt size, and drill each anchor hole.  The hole depth should be 8 times the anchor bolt diameter.  For example, a ¾” anchor would use a 7/8” size drill and embed 6” into your foundation.  Then clean each hole with compressed air, fill 2/3’s the hole depth with epoxy and insert the threaded anchor rod being sure to thread in clockwise and push to the bottom of the hole.  Most concrete contractors have the equipment to install epoxy anchors or you can purchase supplies at your local concrete supply house or Fastenal etc.  Here’s a how to video if you’d like more information.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzb3hjLJl80

See blog article on existing website: Choosing a Bin: Square vs. Round

Certainly, our focus at FCS MFG is providing complete, project specific solutions for our customers’ needs.  We strive to provide flexible, customized solutions at a fair price to integrate all the details of your project so it ties together smoothly. 

Absolutely, FCS has an in-house licensed Professional Engineer and can stamp drawings and calc packages for your project.  We are currently licensed in KS and can utilize outside engineering services for other states.

The capacity of FCS bins is based on the usable or live volume of the bin, not air volume of the compartment.  FCS utilizes 3D modeling, the angle of repose of the stored material and inlet location to calculate the usable volume.  This takes into account how the material will pile up or flow as the bin is being filled to give a true usable bin volume.



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