Advantage Series – VS – Square Bin

Advantage Series versus a traditional square overhead bin, is that even a question?

When interviewing a few FCS employees, most of them answered the same. They answered “the round hopper, the cone bottom, they clean out better” and so on. Why do we think that is? Well let’s take a dive into this. When our engineering team came together to make this patented design, they had one thing in the back of their mind, better cleanout. The Advantage Series does just that. The top is shaped as a traditional square bin, but the bottom has a something unique that only FCS can claim, the round hopper.

What does this round hopper help with?

The round hopper allows for better clean out which in turn provides better quality feed for your livestock as you pursue growing healthier animals. The Advantage Series gives you the opportunity to stop ordering bag feed and allows you to purchase feed in bulk. This saves you time, money, labor and ensures increased efficiency. These bins are made and designed to leave you less stressed about moldy feed and are practically maintenance free for several years.

What makes The Advantage Series so unique you wonder?

I am glad you asked! The Advantage Series design combines the square sidewall design but has a round bottom hopper to provide you the best of both worlds for your cattle operation. While square shaped bins provide more space than a round bin does, round bins just simply clean out way better due to not having corners to get stuck in. As I previously stated, I chatted with a few employees prior to writing this blog and one employee in particular had a personal testimony. His name is Noah and his family actually owns an old school FCS square overhead bin. He said there have been several times when feed gets stuck in the corners and you have to work super hard and diligently to get it cleaned out. He said with a round hopper, you do not have to worry about that. The round hoppers ultimately prevents feed from getting stuck. Noah went on to say “all in all The Advantage Series is way easier to maintain”. This allows for a simpler operation, a happier animal and a happier customer.