Advantage Overhead Feeds Bins

With the ease of ordering bulk feed from your local elevator or feed mill, why purchase sack feed anymore? More and more cattle producers are taking advantage of the lower costs, less labor and increased efficiency in purchasing bulk feed to supply their cattle operation.  The Advantage Series Feed Bin package is designed to help […]

Round Smoothwall Multi-Use

Our Multi-Use Series package is designed for the flexibility that today’s producers are looking for in their smoothwall hopper bins. The all-welded, smoothwall design provides a free flowing surface for many different kinds of commodities. With no bolts or corrugations, the smoothwall hopper bin is self cleaning making it maintenance friendly. FCS Manufacturing uses high […]

Square/Rectangle with Pyramid Hopper on Structure

FCS square or rectangle pyramid bottom bins provide large loadout volumes in small footprints and are especially suited for enclosed loadout spaces. Tread plate roof decks are sloped for rain water cleanoff, OSHA standard full perimeter handrail with self-closing gate, vented access with safety grate are some of the standard features on top. Sidewalls are […]

Multi-Compartment Bins

For storing multiple ingredients that feed a mixer or grinder, our Multi-Compartment bins can fit a variety of projects. Center discharge and offset hoppers can be configured to simplify installation of multiple parallel augers heading the same direction. Instead of spending weeks building on site, slowing down your operation; let FCS build your complete bin […]

Clam Bottom Bins

Products that don’t flow easily can be a challenge to handle with conventional discharges. Clam Shell Bins allow for storing and unloading material in a safe, effective manner. Stainless Clamshell Bins hold up to corrosive materials for years and years of use. Call us Today Applications DDG Ground corn and hay mix Standard Features Flat […]