Advantage Custom Seed Cleaning Bin

Keeping seed clean and eliminating cross contamination with other varities is essential to the downstream success of operators. Getting a full clean out on your storage bin is key to accomplishing those goals. With the round hopper of the advantage series design, patented by FCS Mfg., operators will get a more complete clean out than […]

Round Smoothwall Seed Bulk

The Seed Bulk Series Smoothwall Hopper Bin package is designed for seed dealers handling and treating bulk seed. Bulk seed treating facilities need storage bins to handle their seed. They need the product handled gently all while being kept clean and dry. The all-welded, smoothwall design provides a free flowing surface for the seed to […]

Seed Pods

400 unit seed pods help bridge the gap between seed dealers and producers. With an 8′ x 10′ footprint and a shipping height of 11’4″, these are easy to move and quick to setup making them a popular choice for placing in farms that are far away or at your field if you have a […]