Safety First!

Farms are fun place to grow up! With tractors, semi’s, and combines to play on it is a paradise for children with an imagination. There are also many opportunities for accidents on a farm, and with grain bins becoming more common on farm steads there is a need to protect your loved ones from accidentally getting into trouble.



Grain bins offer a great view because they are so tall. They also offer a significant fall hazard. If you have bins around, either make sure the ladders are removable on the bottom 6′ or put a cover over them.



The bottom gates on full bins is something to take care of. Either make sure you can remove the handle, or that you are able to lock it in place. Not only could a child accidentally open it; but if you have it in a pasture, cattle can bump the handle also.



If you have old bins, make sure to evaluate them once a year. Check the welds on legs and bracing. Make sure there are no pinholes on the roof around vents and doors. Touch up paint will add years to your bin.

Being safe is well worth the effort. The old saying of “common sense” isn’t all that common is pretty true here. Take an extra minute to keep your family protected.